Be it a day out in the mountains, a special event, an anniversary celebration, or a bachelorette party, Blue Ridge Wine Excursions (SM) offers the perfect wine tour. And we have a few tips to make your day out at Virginia’s best vineyards a safe and enjoyable one. - Choose 3-5 vineyards or breweries that you would like to visit. Your fifth can be your back-up plan as a tasting typically takes about a 1/2 hour to an hour in order to truly understand each vineyards offerings and techniques.

- It’s customary to purchase either a glass of your favorite wine or a souvenir bottle to take with you. Our Virginia vineyards take great pride in their wines and its good etiquette to honor that with a minor purchase. Keep in mind that most vineyards will also waive your tasting fees in exchange for a purchase.

- Be sure to stay hydrated and satiated! The last thing you want when tasting many wines is an empty stomach and to be dehydrated. Don’t be afraid to ask your server for water, or to pour out a taste that you’re not crazy about. You’ll also want to either pack a picnic lunch or coordinate with our concierge or chauffeur to pick up snacks, cheese plates or sandwiches from local establishments along the way.

- Relax and enjoy the scenery! Our chauffeur is flexible and there to make sure your tour is delightful. Your tour is based on the time you book, not the number of vineyards you visit…should you want to stay for a while and enjoy your favorite vineyard’s wine, take your time.

Contact Blue Ridge Wine Excursions (SM) to book your customized tour today. We take the stress out of planning your wine tour getaway.