Keswick Vineyards

The pleasant 11-mile drive to Keswick Vineyards for the next wine tasting includes an area considered "one of the most scenic in America" by The New York Times. Routes 22 and 231 make up "a two-lane country road…framed by rolling green pastures of horse, cattle and sheep farms." Along the way is Keswick Hall, a luxury club and estate owned by Orient-Express Hotels.

Keswick Vineyards lies on the historic 400-acre Edgewood Estate, part of the original Nicholas Meriwether Crown Grant of nearly 18,000 acres set aside in 1727. The setting, framed by the Southwest Mountains, is among the most captivating in Virginia wine country. Owners Al and Cindy Schornberg spent a half-dozen years searching for the ideal location to create their vineyards, bringing with them the entrepreneurial vision that sustained Al in his high-tech business. Keswick Vineyards produces six varieties of wine, and also makes a gourmet chocolate sauce using the vineyards' Norton wine.

The Keswick Vineyards' tasting room features three white wines and three reds: a 2009 Les Vents d'Anges Pinot Gris, 2010 Verdejo, and 2009 Viognier Reserve; and a 2009 Consensus, 2009 Cabernet Franc, and 2007 Heritage.

Keswick Vineyards (see map) 6131 Gordonsville Road VA 22947 (434) 244-3341

Open daily 9am-5pm