Waterford Village

Picturesque Waterford Village provides an ideal setting for starting an unforgettable winery tour in the lush farm country of western Loudoun County. The village, a National Historic Landmark, places visitors inside an eighteenth-century community, tempting travelers to head out to the nearest vineyard on horseback or in an open carriage.


A beautiful assortment of agricultural enterprises nurtures the village; farmers nearby raise cattle, sheep, and produce for local markets. Among the area's crops are grapes, including those grown at the scenic Village Winery and its ten acres of vineyards just outside the village.

NOVA Wine Tour Directions

This recommended NOVA wine tour will take you through the following destinations:

A. Start the tour at Waterford Village B. Village Vineyard Winery Tour C. Corcoran Vineyards Winery Tour D. End: winery tour at Hiddencroft Vineyards

See map below: [nova-wine-tour]