Corcoran Vineyards

The winery tour continues four miles away, passing through the historic streets of Waterford Village and then traveling north on gentle roads that lead to a 1750 restored log cabin. This building houses the wine tasting room of Corcoran Vineyards, which serves seven distinctive wines to visitors. Corcoran's website emphasizes the winery's "traditional methods" to produce its beverages, relying on "limited production, meticulous cellar work, and careful selection of fruit (to) ensure the highest quality possible."

Relax by The Water

The boutique winery has been open for a decade, and owners Jim and Lori Corcoran have been committed to developing relationships with other area vineyards. Selections from Corcoran and three other wineries were represented at a recent Spring Chef's Table at Leesburg's Lansdowne Resort. Lori recently concluded her term as president of the Loudoun Wineries Association after serving on the board of directors for four years. She also serves on the board of directors for the Loudoun County Visitors Association.

Traditional Barn and Building

The Corcoran Vineyards offer the following wines in the tasting room: a 2009 Traminette, 2009 Chambourcin, 2009 Cabernet Franc, 2009 Malbec, 2010 Meritage, and a 2007 Seyval Blanc. (The vineyards' website says that it has sold out of the 2008 Viognier.) And the Corcorans have plans to add to their wine offerings; in June they expect to start brewing beer, making their winery the first winery in Virginia to operate a brewery as well.

To keep their customers updated on the vineyards' developments, Lori publishes a blog on the winery's website called "Off the Vine." The winery also has Facebook and Twitter accounts.!/corkysfarm