Village Winery and Vineyards

The theme of craftsmanship in artisan trades runs strongly through the history of Waterford Village, and this remains true today in the Virginia wine country of Loudoun County. As the Village Winery and Vineyards website states, "All of our wines are crafted entirely by hand to preserve the subtle flavors of the grape varieties and are aged in French oak barrels to further enhance them." And, for good measure, the winery avoids mechanical pumps in order to preserve a wine's "true character."

Village Winery Owner

Owner Kent Marrs has been operating Village Winery and Vineyards since 2005. He has created a wonderful setting for wine enthusiasts to savor their drinks. Contributing to the beautiful ambience is a spring-fed creek that runs year-round through the property to neighboring Catoctin Creek, which flows on through Waterford Village. Another spring on the winery grounds also feeds into the creek.

The wine tasting room is in a farm structure that also houses the barrel rooms. Featured wines are a Viognier, with aromas of pineapple and apricot; Apple wine from Virginia fruit; Cabernet Franc Rosé; Merlot; Merlot Cabernet Franc Blend; Cabernet Franc with aromas of raspberry and black currant; and a Petit Verdot.

Village Wine Tasting Building

The Village Winery's tasting room also serves Elderberry wine, a combined Apple and Elderberry wine, and a non-alcoholic Sparkling Elderberry drink. The versatile berry also is used to make the winery's Elderberry syrup, Elderberry chocolate syrup, and Elderberry beverage mix. The winery also produces an Elderberry Vinaigrette. The vinaigrette is considered by many to be the best Elderberry offering, though the Sparkling Elderberry drink is the most popular Elderberry product.

(You may read an interview with Kent Marrs at this blog site.)

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