Fun group experiences are a great way to build a strong and productive team.  Employees will go the extra mile when they feel appreciated and rewarded. Supporting local businesses will also have untold and far reaching networking rewards.  Who knew productivity and fun could so well fit together?  WE DID!

Corporate Team Building  Wine Tour - for a group of 10-14

Package features:

Wine Tour service  features a five (5) hour tour in of our modern luxury coaches:

  • Local Charlottesville Pick-up
  • Featuring King Family Vineyards, Pollak Vineyards, Stinson Vineyards
  • Carpé Donuts
  • Barrel Room Tasting
  • Locally Catered Deli Lunch
  • Tasting with the Winemaker
  • Knowledgeable Wine Trail Guide who serves as your “Concierge on the Go”

$129 per person 

Corporate Team Building Virginia Wine Tours



Call 434-531-5802 to reserve your Wine Tour Package now!!!