After many years of working as a nurse, Amy Steers decided to take a hobby, gardening, and turn it into a career. She loved being out doors and longed to have more energy to focus on her natural abilities in helping beautiful plants grow. Since her husband was a long time, serious wine collector, they immediately thought of growing grapes. She never imagined she would be a viticulturist

For a couple of years, Amy worked almost full time, year round tending their small vineyard.

Tracy Verkerke, an artist and designer, but most importantly, and soon very apparently was a fun loving friend of Amy’s. One day as she admired Amy’s ripened fruit on the vine, she thought of the surprising name, Well Hung--which was determined to be a nice tie in with Bill’s field of medicine, urology.

Kathy Rash, the third lady of this fabulous trio, is a business developer and knew a good idea when she heard one!

Making it a family affair, you’ll see the artwork depicting Bill and their two sons, adorned with, well..... grape clusters.

The wines have a bit of a cult following among America urologists!

This is a private winery.  If you'd like to taste their wines, you'll find these ladies pouring at wine festivals throughout the state.  Also, check out their map, listed below, for various wine shops, groceries and gift shops where it's available for sale.


Amy Steers

Nurse turned viticulturist. All Well Hung Vineyard grapes thrive under her intensive care.

Tracy Verkerke

Artist and designer. Her fertile imagination hatched the name, “Well Hung Vineyard.”

Kathy Rash

Business developer who knows what she’s doing! Recognized a clever idea when she heard it and shaped us into a business.

Their Winemaker: Michael Shaps—internationally renowned winemaker. He fills their unusual bottles with extraordinary wines. Well Hung hauls their grapes to Michael Shaps’s custom crush facility, Wine Works, since they do not have a winery of their own.

Well Hung's motto -- Do What We Love!

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