Barboursville Vineyards is a favorite stop for Virginia Wine Tours with Blue Ridge Wine Excursions. Gianni Zonin (a 6th generation heir to a family wine enterprise active since 1821 in the Veneto), defying the unanimous advice of government officials and land owners, acquired the Barboursville  plantation in 1976 with the seemingly ludicrous idea of creating a vineyard. Jefferson had attempted this, persistently into the 19th Century at Monticello, always failing to achieve a single harvest.

In 2006, on the occasion of celebrating the winery’s 30th anniversary as “setting the standard” for a region now populated by more than 100 vineyards, Gianni and Silvana Zonin opened a new wine museum at Barboursville.

It looks back on centuries of Italian oenology viticulture.  It also features a barrel aging room for Octagon, where the history of their creation of the estate (which gave birth to a new wine region) is beautifully illustrated on the walls.

Barboursville Vineyards

It culminates in the validation of Octagon, itself, as the crowning achievement of Virginia viticulture.

These rooms are open to the public every day, on the same schedule as the Tasting Room.  Charlottesville wine tasting does not get much better than Barboursville Vineyards.

In planning travel in Italy, please consider one of the estates of Casa Vinicola Zonin, in 7 provinces from the Veneto to Sicily.

The 1804 Inn is also located at Barboursville Vineyards near the ruins!


Barboursville Vineyards

17655 Winery Road

Barboursville, VA 22923


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