Beyond Jefferson’s Vines

By Richard G. Leahy

Sterling Epicure, an imprint of Sterling Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4027-9774-3/Hardcover with Jacket/$19.95/226 pages

PUB DATE: March 2012


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Richard G. Leahy has written on Virginia wine since 1986. Now, with his forthcoming title Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, (Sterling Epicure/May 1, 2012) Leahy, regional editor for the Oxford Companion to the Wines of North America, has written the essential book on Virginia wine, covering its history, interviews with the state's top wine industry members and members of state government, with updates on the latest industry developments.

Praise for Beyond Jefferson’s Vines

"Few wine books are written with the kind of attention to detail and research that serve as the foundation for Beyond Jefferson's Vines. Richard Leahy has very obviously poured his heart and his time into this book. The reward for readers is a kind of travel writing that will serve them well on their maiden voyage through one of the country's truly exciting wine regions. Leahy reminds us of the heritage embedded in Virginian soils, and that history pervades the evolution of Virginia wine from ambitious failure to breakthrough success."--Evan Dawson, author of Summer in a Glass, and Managing Editor, New York Cork Report

“Nobody has a better grip on the historic and modern Virginia wine industry than Richard Leahy, who brings a lifetime of studying and tasting wine and living in the heart of Virginia wine country to this project.”-- Sandra Silfven, The Detroit News

"There hasn’t been such an informative, in-depth, and interesting discussion of Virginian wine since Thomas Jefferson first planted vines at his beloved Monticello.  A great read and practical guide for oenophiles looking to learn more about some of the wonderful wines made on America’s East Coast."--Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, The World Wine Guys, Entertaining and Lifestyle Editors, Wine Enthusiast magazine

“Richard Leahy has woven a rich tapestry of Virginia’s wineries and winemakers.  If Jefferson could peruse this book a satisfied smile would surely grace his countenance because his dream of quality Virginia wine has been fulfilled.  This volume will be referenced often for those seeking to better understand the Old Dominion’s wine ascendency. A riveting and rewarding read.”  --John Hagarty,

“Richard Leahy masterfully captures the past, present and future of a wine region that has grown dramatically in recent years.  Pour yourself a glass of a favorite Virginia wine and follow Leahy as he tastes his way through Virginia wine country. Wine aficionados at all levels who want to know more about this emerging wine region will find Beyond Jefferson’s Vines to be indispensable.”–Warren Richard,