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5 out of 5 Stars

While staying at the Boar's Head Inn, when we visited the Charlottesville Virginia area, we had no grand expectations about what we were in for. The car we booked was more for convenience and let ourselves relax while we sampled some of the local wines and not worry about driving afterward.

We were picked up in a 1936 Cadillac limousine -- which should have been my first clue that it would be no ordinary day in the country drinking wines. What made the day so special was the fact that Andrea and her team had set us up to visit the HOME of a winemaker in Charlottesville. Mike Bowles, owner of Montdomaine, welcomed us into his living room, shared his outstanding wine and spent the better part of the afternoon regaling us with his private stories of building this incredible winner.

All around, will go in the books as one of the top 10 excursions we've taken! -- Jody A.

Visited March 2012

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