Stand back, ladies and gentleman.  Leave this to the trained professionals! Meet, Bergen, Justin, and Michael; just a few of our everyday, run of the mill, extraordinarily knowledgeable and charming Wine Trail Guides!   Our Wine Trail Guides are your "Concierge on the Go."

Blue Ridge Wine Excursions Wine Trail Guides, Bergen Hanson, Justin Stone, Michael Moore


Justin Stone:  Justin Stone has a love for the culinary arts and operates a dinner club at night.  He knows which wine best pairs with which meal, and has a keen eye for details and enjoys the nuances of Virginia Wine.

Bergen Hanson:  Bergen Hanson has been an integral part of Blue Ridge Wine Excursions since its inception in 2008 and specializes in understanding the needs of, and meticulously caring for, all of our vehicles and clients. When off duty, Bergen moonlights at the CFA institute. Most Saturdays you can find Bergen on the Wine Trail or celebrating at a wedding. What a rough life!

Michael Moore:  Michael Moore is an international award winning graphic designer and enjoys sharing stories of the area with our wine trail guests.  He has created a bow-tie system, "The 'Mr. Mickey'" which is an eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind since each tie is made from upcycled neckties.  You will never see him on the Wine Trail without one!