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A Great Blend of Wine, Music, Art, and Community

By: Justin Stone

Virginia Wine, Elizabeth Flood Dave Matthews Sketch, Blenheim Vineyards


Blenheim Vineyards has blended the pleasures of wine, art, and community like few other places. Owned by renowned musician Dave Matthews and run by some of the most approachable staff in the business, the intersection of these spheres has become the center of Blenheim’s philosophy.

In 2000, the final touches of Blenheim’s two story joint tasting room and barrel room were completed. Designed by Dave Matthews and master craftsman William Johnson, this energy efficient hall features beautiful reclaimed timber framing a full southeastern façade of windows and skylights for natural lighting. A partial subterranean foundation helps maintain the consistent cool of the barrel room.

That same year, the first vines of Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot were planted. The first vintage was released in 2003, ushered in by Brad McCarthy, an experienced local winemaker. During Blenheim’s early years, he and Peter Matthews, the first vineyard manager, established the grounds, the vines, and the principles that are at the heart of the winery today.

For the first five years after the vineyard opened, a private invitation was needed to visit Blenheim. Their wines established a cult-like following due to both this exclusivity and the association with Dave Matthews. However, in 2009 the winery opened its doors to the public and since then, Blenheim has been sharing its serene setting, approachable wines and gregarious staff with all who choose to visit  ... (continued)


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