RICHMOND  Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Wednesday that sales of Virginia wine continued solid growth in fiscal 2014 and reached another record level, increasing by almost 2 percent from fiscal 2013. Virginia wineries sold more than 521,000 cases of wine, or approximately 6.25 million bottles, in fiscal 2014. That's up from just over 511,000 cases in fiscal 2013.  Sales of Virginia wines have increased by almost 26 percent since fiscal 2010.

"I’m pleased to see continued sales growth of Virginia wines,” McAuliffe said in a press release. “This new record is a testament to our grape growers and winemakers, who are producing world-class wines and further establishing Virginia’s position as a top wine and wine tourism region.”

According to figures from the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) and the Virginia Wine Marketing Office, total sales of Virginia wine contributed to more than $1.7 million in wine liter tax collections during the fiscal year that ended June 30. The Virginia wine liter tax is applied at a rate of $3.60 per case of wine sold in Virginia.

In addition, Virginia wine sales at wineries increased by 6.7 percent in fiscal 2014 from the previous fiscal year. The increase indicates solid visitor traffic to wineries and Virginia wine events.  However, with wine grape production flat due to several factors, including some early spring frosts, sales through other channels have flattened or decreased as wineries focus sales to meet growing demand at wineries.


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