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Evening Wine Tour, Mount Ida and Cunningham Creek Winery

Charlottesville Evening Wine Tour

Unwind in the Evening After other Wineries Go to sleep!


Visit Mount Ida Tasting Room and Cunningham Creek Winery

Best Evening Wine Tour, Charlottesville Night Wine Tour

Our Exclusive Evening Wine Tour in Charlottesville is sure to delight those who cannot get-away in the afternoon or who want a unique experience that is all inclusive!

Featured on this All-Inclusive Specialty Tour are The Tasting Room & Taphouse at Mount Ida Reserve and Cunningham Creek Winery. You Dinner, Tasting Fees or Bottle Service are all Included in your evening wine tour package rate.



4 Hour Wine Tour

Tour time begins and ends at your City of Charlottesville pick up and drop off location. Exact pick up time is set based on your location and tour itinerary selected.



City of Cville

A City of Charlottesville pick up and drop off is included in your tour. Tour routing and rates are based on Cville pick up and drop off. Surcharges will apply for outside City of Charlottesville. See rate chart here.



2 Wineries

Enjoy tastings or bottle service at Mount Ida’s Tasting Room and Tap House and Cunningham Creek Winery!



Tasting FeeS Included

Tasting fees or bottle service are included in your per person tour price. Depending on group size, selected tour itinerary, and winery policies, bottle service may be required as tasting may not be available. In these cases bottle service is included in your tour rates, in lieu of a "tasting." Bottle service is when you do not have a "wine tasting" but instead share purchased bottles to enjoy. For Bottle Service Receive One Bottle Per Four People @ Each Winery or Vineyard - See Bottle Service Chart Here.




Each guest can select one item from each of the following categories on Mount Ida’s dinner menus. Exceptions may apply. Inquire prior to reserving.

  1. Soup, Salad, or Appetizer

  2. Entree

Beverage purchases (Wine, Beer, Tea, etc), and waiter gratuity are NOT included in your tour price. This is due to the nature and variables associated with both dinner beverages and gratuity. We can bill the purchased beverages and signed for gratuity to your bill.


No modifications | No Substitutions

Gratuity is not included in your tour price, but can be offered for exceptional service.


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Evening Wine Tour